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Pumping the septic tank will naturally clean it to some extent. The system contains a microbe that assists in the breakdown and biodegrading of the waste material in your tank. The balance of the system is dependent on this microbe, therefore it is important to use chemicals sparingly when having your septic tank cleaned. Certain chemicals will disrupt the balance of the system, and could leave you with some big problems. Make sure you consult with a contractor before using any kind of chemical treatments.

Instead of utilizing chemicals, a contractor will probably use the good, old fashioned methods when cleaning your tank. This requires a big metal stick, and a whole lot of patience. While pumping out your tank, they'll break up much of the accumulation on the walls of the tank. This will clear more of it out and help the tank to pump easier. There may be a bit of residue when the process is finished, but most of the larger or non-biodegradable items will be cleared.

The job of breaking up and pumping all of this sludge must be done through the manhole, and could require several hours to complete. If your septic tank is close to full, breaking up all that organic and inorganic matter can be incredibly difficult and take a lot of time (another reason why keeping on schedule is important). However, there are some steps you can take to make things easier on your contractor:

1. Free the manhole cover of all plants and debris. Much of the work will be done here, and a variety of tools could be brought in. You don't want any damage done to your landscaping in this area when you have to clean your septic tank, so keeping flower beds or other landscaping to a minimum in this area is probably a good idea.

2. Make sure that your septic tank and the manhole are in good condition. The manhole and its cover could become a safety hazard if they don't have proper care. For the safety of your contractor, be sure that the tank is safe to walk over and everything is secure.

3. While the tank is being pumped, keep small children and pets out of the area. The hose used to pump does not cover the entire hole, and it must remain open during pumping, therefore falling could be a possible danger. You can prevent injury to your loved ones and keep your contractor stress free by avoiding interference.